Mini Windsurf – Who and Why

Ciao Nicola, who are you and how is your life
Hello Guys, my name is Nicola Palvarini, Palva for friend, so Palva is good for everyone’s!
My life is great, I do windsurfing so, can’t be different! I work in summer time in Restaurant like pizza maker or whatever I can do, and I spend my winter between Sardina and the world for surfing and windsurfing.

When started Mini Windsurf and why
Well, when I was young my daddy used to build ship model with wood, so I started to apricated this kind of little games and building for myself some train models too. When, after few years, I started windsurfing I said:” I want my little windsurf on my desk, so when it is not windy I can be a little bit in peace with myself”. And the story began.

How they are made and how we can order one? What do you need? A picture, a brochure or only the model, year and size?
I use different and many materials, so I don’t want to bored you, but, in short, resin, iron wire, plastic wire and a lot of modelist materials.

What I need to make your own model (if you can’t find it on my Facebook or Instagram page at Miniwindsurf), is few pictures of sail, board, boom and fin! (you can find contacts at the and of page)

How long does it take to make a Mini Windsurf and what music do you listen during assembling?
A lot of time! Its 100% handmade! Specially for custom or old models that need more time on PC with Photoshop!

Music? It’s all about my mood, i’m talking about Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Muse, ACDC and Subsonica…

Which was the first Mini Windsurf and why.
One of my first miniature was a Neilpryde because they were (and they are) really nice and colourful!!! This one in particular is my girlfriend ones. This around 7/8 years ago.

Which one is it your favourite and why.
At the moment, compare to the beginning, my miniwindsurf changed a lot, more particular, more solid an bigger.
This one at the moment, is my prefer ones! Why?? Look at that!!! 🤙

How much and how will be the package.
Average miniwindsurf price is 45 Euro plus shipping that depends of country.
Write me or WhatsApp me for any info.

Yes!! I even do Standuppaddle miniature! Check it out on my page at Ministanduppaddle on Facebook or Instagram. Info at same email or WhatsApp.

Go for it! Enjoy your life!!

Mini Windsurf on Facebook
Mini Windsurf on Instagram
Mini Standuppaddle on Facebook
Mini Standuppaddle on Instagram
WhatsApp: 0039 349 58 22 711
Mail to:

N.d.r A great CLAP for Nicola and his awesome works!

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