Graham Ezzy Loves the TAKA2


Graham Ezzy rides the new TAKA2 on Maui’s north shore.

“I want a sail that is full and powerful in a straight line but also flat and neutral during tricks, waverides, and transitions. The TAKA2 gives me the maneuverability I need without losing stability. I love the TAKA2.” -Graham
The Taka2 has a deep, stable foil that luffs when sheeted out or turned straight into the wind. Luffing is when the profile next to the mast sleeve goes flat; essentially, the sail’s power disappears.
The Taka2 is a hybrid: a soft sail during tricks, transitions, and wave rides and powerful every time else. The Taka2 bottom turns more vertically and rotates easily through jibes, tacks, backloops, and 360s—all without compromising stability and power.

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