1996 PWA World Tour

Re-Tuned – the 1996 PWA World Tour Highlights Video

Once Upon a time…..it was the 1996 and the PWA was full full of the great champions that we all loved 25 years ago …. I was just starting windsurfing and i was used to watch these video in VHS, dreaming and drooling, during no wind days.

I saw in this clip some milestones of windsurfing:
Scott Fenton
Anders Bringdal
Finian Maynard
Robby Naish
Matt and Kevin Pritchard
Brian Talma (Action Man)
Bjorn Dunkerbeck
Micah Buzianis
Josh Stone (Aloha Man)
Josh Angulo
Phil McGain
Antoine Albeau
Robert Teriitehau
Erik Thieme
Nik Baker
Edoardo Bellini
Mark Pederson
Jason Polakow
Bern Flessner
Patrice Balbeoc’h
… and many others…

A lot of PWA locations as Almanarre, Bercy and Barcelona Indoor, Gran Canaria etc, and a lot of storic brand as Tiga, UP, ART etc..


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