Leash Anti-Shark

Like other surf leashes, it straps to your leg while connecting to your board, allowing you to keep the board in close proximity every time you wipe out in the water. Unlike them, it comes with shark-deterrent technology, ensuring you’re never in danger of a shark attack wherever in the world you end up surfing.

Do note, while they’ve been proven effective against common predators like Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks, they might not be able to stop a Great White, so definitely get out of the water if Jaws ever decides to pay your local beach a visit. Features include a length of six feet, a Velcro-secured cuff, detachable polypropylene cord, anti-rust swivels, and an included fin key for easily swapping out cords.

Available now, the Modom Shark Leash is priced at $ 180.

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