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vintage windsurf

1985 Vs 2015

Balz Muller riding with sail of the year 1985 and Yentel Caers with new sail 2015. Nice session in Big Bay (South Africa), February 28th...

Windsurfing Brochures 80’s and 90’s

Some pieces of story. Brochures of windsurf gear from 80’s and 90’s… were the pages of dreams! “I hope resolution is ok to read  measures,...

Laird Hamilton Windsurfing

Laird Hamilton Windsurfing

Laird Hamilton con il windsurf… dal minuto 1.05, 50 secondi di magia! (lairdhamilton.com/)


Windsurf – Il vento nelle mani

Windsurf – Il vento nelle mani (1984). Chi si ricorda la battaglia finale ? C’è anche la prima “Point-7”  🙂

Fast Forward-The Speed Sequence

Fast Forward – The Speed Sequence Un filmato del 1988 girato intorno a Maui. Gli speed sailor ci sono Fred Haywood, Olivier Augé, Anders Bringdal,...

the father of windsurfing

La presentazione della prima tavola a vela da parte di James Drake. In 1969, RAND aeronautical engineer James Drake took a brief vacation from his...