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Red Bull Cape Fear 2014

Red Bull Cape Fear is a one day surf contest that will take place right outside of Syndey, Australia. Twelve of the best surfers from...

mercedes surf board

Mercedes Surf Board

Mercedes-Benz exclusively developed a unique surfboard for legendary big wave rider Garrett McNamara‘s quest to break his own world record in Nazaré, Portugal. With this...



Mundaka Dicembre 2013.   Music by: Magic Wands Track: Space

big wave

Belharra Surf Session

Belharra Surf Session – 7  Gennaio 2014. Starring: Shane Dorian Benjamin Sanchis Jamie Mitchell Grant “Twiggy” Baker Peyo Lizarazu Pilou Ducalme Stephane Iralour Justine Dupont...

The reason its called Jaws

The reason its called Jaws

“The reason its called Jaws”…. Questo è quello che ha detto Kay Lenny dopo essersi fatto male al piede surfando a Jaws. Video di Francisco...