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2015 Naish

Design that won’t go out of style. The 2015 Naish Windsurfing Collection. See it at naishsails.com.

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Robby Naihs ..11,110 Days and Counting…

How does Robby Naish stay stoked on windsurfing after all these years? It’s simple…in a sport that’s still evolving, there’s always something new to try or something old to refine....



Torna la tappa mitica del PWA a  Maui.  L’ Aloha Classic griffata JP AUSTRALIA. LA NOVITA? Robby Naish come wildcards. All’eta di 50 ani e a distanza di più di 10...

Naish Wave 2014

A voi la Naish Wave 2014- Performance Wave. Lo Zio Robby ce la spiega di persona.   Fonte: http://www.naishsails.com/2013/WAVE-Performance%20Wave/