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Goya Fringe 2019?

  Is it an opctical illusion or a broken sail? It seems that Goya is testing a strange, innovational, sexy Fringe for 2019   It will start at the right...


Foil windsurfing with 50 knots wind

Foil windsurfing with 50 knots wind… Foil: Horue Vini (https://www.horue.fr/produits/gp/new-…). Board: Tiny Pro model 70L (https://www.horue.fr/boards/tiny-pro-…). Sail: Goya Scion 2m². Rider: Philippe CANERI.

Goya, Quatro and Challenger 2016

Goya 2016 with boards and sails. Quatro Boards entire line 2015 and a beauty Challenger Sails 2015 Found on www.windsurfing44.com

New Toys

99, Jp Slate, Goya Bounce, Tabou and GA Sails 2016 and much more (to see all pictures: http://www.4windsurf.it/2015/04/23/avvistati-ad-hookipa/ )

Into the Abyss

I team Quatro e Goya alle Isole Marshall.  

Back to the Future

Ecco una bella scorpacciata di gioielli per l’anno prossimo. Troviamo JP Australia  Twins e Quad 2013, RRD The Four, Quad 2013, Goya Boards 2013, Maui Sails Legend 2013, Fanatic Tri...