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SaBarraContest 2015 – Official Video

The Sa Barra Contest took place on the 9-10 May 2015 at the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra, in the island of Sant’Antioco (South Sardinia).
Two dingle elimination were completed and the winner was Giovanni Passani, thanks to a First and Third place. Second place for Mattia Fabrizi and Third place for Jacopo Testa. Among the women standing on the podium: 1. Maaike Huvermann, 2. (1st italian) Eva Chiochetti, 3. Nicole Bandini.
A two-day-long show thanks to a strong Mistral wind (over 30kts). A great organization with a prize of 1.000 Euros. After the challenge, the young Francesco Cappuzzo won the supersession thanks to a big Culo into Spock.

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