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freestyle by drone

Freestyle by drone

Antony Ruenes, world’s n°6 in Freestyle windsurfing, doing his thing at home.

Goya, Quatro and Challenger 2016

Goya 2016 with boards and sails. Quatro Boards entire line 2015 and a beauty Challenger Sails 2015 Found on www.windsurfing44.com


Emotional Denali

Emotional and touching movie in memory of loved Denali 🙁

Tabou Pocket 2016

Tabou Pocket 2016 pictures found on totalwind.net  

SaBarraContest 2015 - Official Video

SaBarraContest 2015 – Official Video

The Sa Barra Contest took place on the 9-10 May 2015 at the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra, in the island of Sant’Antioco (South Sardinia). Two dingle elimination were completed and...

Hot Sails Maui

Sail alive

Watch Kauli‘s KS3 sail breath while he does 3 jumps in a row.