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El Machico Mexico

Two italian surfers, away from the land of pasta and mandolino, travelling through the land of Tacos and iguanas.

Starring: Jacopo Lancioni & Nils Astrologo

Starboard Black Box First Prototype

This was the first footage of the first prototype from Starboard that worked amazingly well of Dany Bruch his “dream board” creation project for light winds and mushy waves, based...

Fast Forward-The Speed Sequence

Fast Forward – The Speed Sequence Un filmato del 1988 girato intorno a Maui. Gli speed sailor ci sono Fred Haywood, Olivier Augé, Anders Bringdal, Alex Aguera, Alan Cadiz, Mark...

DON’T LET GO -Trailer

“Don’t let go”! Un documentario sul Windsurf dove sono stati catturati tutti gli aspetti della vita di un windsurfer professionista. CREDITS: EYES SHUT PRODUCTIONS and GOLDBERG FILMS presents a FLO JUNG film...

New Move: Pasko

New move di Gollito, la Pasko, in onore del suo amico Andre Paskowski