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Starboard Waveboard

Starboard Reactor waveboard ridden by Jaeger Stone, Philip Koster and Scott McKercher. The board like the clip is short and sweet.

Starboard 2016?

Phillip Köster and  Dany Bruch testing Starboard 2016?

2016 – Starboard Isonic 107

Surfing on the net I found the pics of the prototype Starboard ISonic 107  for 2016 Source http://totalwind.net/


Starboard 2015

Starboard  2015  Collection…. the fastest, lightest, strongest, easiest-planing, most efficient and most innovative designs on planet Earth.

aloha classic 2014

2014 Starboard Severne Aloha Classic

Ricardo Campello needed Brawzinho to finish no higher than 3rd in this event to maintain his 3rd Overall PWA ranking. Brawzinho the 2013 World Champion...

starboard 2014

Starboard 2014 DVD

Starboard 2014 DVD, il nome è Flagship e raccoglie la collezione completa Starboard per l’anno ormai alle porte.

Starboard 2014

YESSSS….. eccole le Starboard 2014. Flare 2014 Code 2014 NuEvo 2014 Quad 2014     Thanks Raimondo Gasperini for posting