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Hot Sails KS3

Ecco il gioellino di Kauli Seadi, la Hot Sails Maui KS3. 3 stecche e colori brasiliani. Ecco le misure Size Luff (+/-1cm) Boom (+1cm/-2cm) Mast Battens Weight...

Hot Sails Maui

Sail alive

Watch Kauli‘s KS3 sail breath while he does 3 jumps in a row.

hot sails maui

Stormy Sunday Sailing

Jeff Henderson and stepson Dax Barker aged 11 years old windsurf off their home on Maui. Dax sails on a 2.7m KS3 sail and 45L...

2015 Hot Sails Maui QU4D

2015 Hot Sails Maui QU4D

Hot Sails Maui QU4D 2015  preview filmed by a drone A quick peak at the 2015 QU4D sails on windy, but pretty flat Maui. The...